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Company vision: Strive to build the leading enterprises in China's security industry.
Company mission: Improve the safety of people’s living environment.
By improving the quality of security products, we are striving to prevent fire happening, protect people’s life and prevent loss of poverty.
Development concept: Create value for customers and create platform for employees. Customers are the root of company development, so we will continuously create value and provide high quality products and services for our customers. We will honestly treat our customers and achieve win-win business.
Employees are the sources of company development, we are striving to create and provide good opportunity for our people to use their talents and improve themselves.

Company spirit: dare to explore, dare to innovate, strict with quality Dare to explore: We insist on learning from the leading enterprises in this field. We advocate the unswerving spirit of exploring and the faith of unstoppable development. We are striving to be the leading of the industry. Dare to innovate: we insist on being guided based on market demand. Dare to make breakthroughs and work ahead of others. We will continuously innovate products and services to make sustainable development of the company. Strict with quality: We insist on the core values of craftsman spirit to produce high quality products. We are focus on the establishment of product’s standards of the field and effective broadcast of the company value. Quality concept: focus on details, strive for excellence

We start our work with the pursuit of excellence, firmly believe that product quality is the life of the company. We will build the sense of quality and responsibility and improve production process to make sure we can supply high quality products to the market.   We are striving to build the standards of services in this field. When serving the customers, we treat all our clients with honesty and sincerity to make sure our customers will get perfect experience.

Management concept: People first We advocate the concept of people first. We also advocate harmonious coexistence, emphasize working together, build strong executive power, create value together and share the future.

Talent concept: Fit for company, fit for themselves. Did what they were asked, get what they want. Behavior concept: responsibility, efficiency, honesty, cooperation Responsibility: continuously insist on the professional spirit. Efficiency: pursue improvement of working methods and efficiency. Honesty: say it and do it. Cooperation: build cooperation between all the employees to make sure work better and win more.